How Often Should You Change Brake Fluid?

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Brake fluid is a vital safety component for your car or vehicle. This ensures that your brakes are working effectively when you need them.


What happens if the brake fluid is low?

Typically, when brake fluid is low this triggers a light to come on in your vehicle. There are two key things this can cause for your vehicle. When you apply your brakes and have low brake fluid, this can cause a spongy feeling when you step on the pedal. Also, if there is a brake fluid leak this is serious as it provides little to no stopping power while driving.


What does brake fluid do? 

When you hit the brakes and expect the vehicle to stop, this process is achieved through the brake fluid. The pressure on the brake pedal travels through the brake clippers and it is transferred to the brake pads, then onto the brake discs, which makes the car stop.

Alongside this, the brake fluid contains corrosion inhibitors. These inhibitors prevent any of the metal components within the braking system from rusting.


Why do you need to change the brake fluid?

The main reason you need to change brake fluid is that it can absorb water over time and this will directly affect the boiling point. Brake fluid can get very hot during use, and especially when you brake hard. If any water gets into the brake fluid and this starts to boil then the effectiveness of the brakes is compromised.

It is important to check, top-up or change the brake fluid regularly as this helps reduce the risk of water infiltrating the system.


How often do I need to change my brake fluid?

It is recommended that you change your brake fluid every two years, however, it is worth checking the manufacturer’s recommendation too as this may be different. Some state that they need to be changed every 20,000 miles, or every two years; sometimes this depends on which comes first.

Brake fluid, if it is contained within a sealed system, can last for years. However, moisture from outside air can work its way through different parts of the brake system. This means that regular upkeep is important.


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