Why Do Vehicle MOTs Fail?

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Every year we must take our car into a garage for an MOT. It is a UK requirement to have an MOT; this ensures vehicle safety and roadworthiness.


Why do cars / vehicles fail their MOT?

Most vehicles fail their MOT due to simple things like faulty bulbs or too little tyre tread, or even due to an empty windscreen washer container. But this is easily fixed. You can identify any easy fixes that need to be done before an MOT is due. When you make these quick changes, you are more likely to have your car pass its MOT test the first time around.


What things can you check before you take your car in for an MOT?

  1. Making sure headlights and indicators are working properly
  2. That your number plate is clean and legible
  3. Your wheels and tyres are undamaged. This includes checking the legal tyre tread depth which is 1.6mm
  4. All seatbelts should be in good working order and the driver’s seat should be able to adjust forwards and backwards
  5. The windscreen should be clean and free from any damage over 40mm
  6. The windscreen wipers should be clean and not have any tears or holes in the rubber
  7. The screenwash should be topped up as an empty container can cause an MOT fail
  8. Check the horn to make sure it’s in good working order
  9. Before taking your car in for an MOT you must make sure that there are sufficient fuel and engine oil


Checking when your car MOT is due

If you need to check when your vehicle MOT is due or check the status of a vehicle you can do so via the government’s website.




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