Should I Change My Tyres For The Weather?

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As the seasons change throughout the year, garages will advise that you should be changing your tyres in order to suit the weather conditions and get the best performance out of your car. Even though it is relatively common knowledge that garages would suggest this, there are still plenty of drivers who are still willing to stick with the same tyres until they are told otherwise.

So what difference does it make to change to certain types of tyres? In this blog, we are going to discuss the seasonal tyres you can purchase for your car, how they affect the car’s performance, and why it is that garages recommend tyres specifically for weather conditions.

Summer Tyres

Fixing your car with summer tyres in the warmer months of the year will mean your vehicle will have high grip levels on both wet and dry roads, and the stability around corners will also be increased. Summer tyres tend to be made with special tread bars which work to prevent your car from aquaplaning when driving over wet surfaces. It is advised that summer tyres should be fitted when temperatures are regularly above seven degrees celsius.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed to perform better in cold conditions, including wet and dry cold roads as well as snowy and icy conditions. Much like the optimum temperature for summer tyres is above seven degrees celsius, winter tyres are advised to be fitted when the temperature drops below seven degrees. Winter tyres are built with a large number of small grooves which grips with snow, ice and slush to give your vehicle the best control in adverse weather conditions.

All-Weather Tyres

If you would prefer to fit your car with tyres that provide adequate performance all year round, there are all-weather tyres available to you. All-weather tyres have shared properties with both summer and winter tyres in order to work sufficiently in a wide variety of weather conditions and temperatures. Although these tyres may seem like the most convenient, they cannot match the performance of summer and winter tyres in their favoured road conditions, so obtaining seasonal tyres may still be your preferred option if you want the top-level performance possible.

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