How Can You Improve Your Fuel Economy?

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Improving Fuel Economy

Are you always thinking about what you could do to extend the time until you need to fill your car up? Getting fuel has got to be one of the most tedious tasks; luckily for you, the team at NMT Garage Services have come up with 4 top tips to help you improve your fuel economy and visit the petrol station a little less.


Tip Number 1: Slow Down!

It’s very easy to start speeding down the motorway, but not only is it unsafe, you’re also decreasing your fuel economy by approximately 2-4 miles per gallon. If you have cruise control in your car, make use of it! By driving 60 mph rather than 70 mph on the motorway, you’ll improve the efficiency of your fuel by a significant amount.


Tip Number 2: Stop Being Harsh on Your Accelerator and Brakes

You might be late somewhere, but accelerating harshly to get going quicker, driving fast and then have to stamp your foot on the brakes to stop will be affecting your fuel economy. Take it easy when accelerating, maintain a safe a speed and then gradually slow into a stop by coming down in the gears to avoid harsh contact with the brakes. You’ll improve your fuel efficiency and reduce the amount of wear and tear on your brakes.


Tip Number 3: Check Your Tyre Pressure

You should be checking your tyre pressure regularly anyway, but if you’re looking to improve your fuel economy, make this a more regular check. Underinflation in your tyres can mean you use up more fuel.


Tip Number 4: Shut the Windows

It may be a nice day and you want to get some fresh air but having your windows down will mean your engine has to work harder due to the aerodynamic drag. On main roads, this can decrease your fuel efficiency by 10%.


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