How to Wash a Car Properly

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How to Wash a Car Properly

When it comes to giving your car some much needed TLC, the average Joe’s knowledge of how to wash a car properly struggles to stretch beyond a bucket and sponge. With a few simple tips and tricks, however, your car will be gleaming in no time, and with that in mind, NMT Garage Services’ have provided a step by step guide on how to wash a car properly.


Pick The Right Day

The first mistake car owners make when cleaning their car is picking the right day. It is all too tempting to get the hose and sponge out when the sun is shining. Although this may make the task more appealing, it will not do the cleaning of your car any good. Calm and cloudy days offer the best conditions for washing your car, as the sun can dry the shampoo while it is on your car, leaving you with stains and marks, while a gentle breeze can blow dust particles onto your vehicle, so picking the right day to wash your car goes a long in way in achieving that glowing finish.


Car Preparation

Doubling up is the rule of thumb when it comes to cleaning your car. The first step will be to fill up one bucket with cool water and another bucket of water and shampoo; be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle of your shampoo to ensure you use the correct amount. You will also want to invest in proper washing mitts and drying cloths for your car to make the process a whole lot easier.


The Car Wash

To remove any resting dirt from the surface of your car, use your hose to rinse it off and manually remove any significant pieces of mud and dirt. Once the car has been soaked and any noticeable marks have been removed, lather your washing mitt with soap and work on small areas at a time and rinse the soap off as you go. Work in overlapping lines to ensure every part of your car has been washed and the result is smooth and equal. Be sure to wash your alloys last as this is the area of the car which collects the most dirt; use one side of the sponge or mitt for two wheels and then swap sides for the other two; this will prevent you from washing a dirty surface with a dirty sponge.


Once the car has been scrubbed down, use a lazy setting on your hose to rinse it off. Use quality microfibre leathers or towels to dry your car and wring the towel out as you go along. Use a second, dry towel to smooth over the whole of the car and Voila! You now know how to wash a car properly.


Contact NMT Garages

Although NMT Garages cannot wash your car for you, we can carry out MOT tests from as little as £30 and we also carry out quality repairs, fit exhausts and service cars, as well as a number of other services. For more information on all of our services, contact us today on 01234 355 888 or use our online form to leave us a message.

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