Warning Signs That There Is Something Wrong with Your Car Exhaust

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Think there’s something wrong with your car, with a possibility of an issue with your car exhaust? Below we’ve shared a few of the top warning signs that there is something wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust system.


Unusual Noises


Unfamiliar noises are always a good sign that there’s something wrong with your vehicle, whether it’s your car exhaust or something else. If you notice a loud rumbling sound from your engine, it’s a good indication that there’s something wrong with your exhaust system. Not sure if there is a noise coming from your engine? Have you had to start putting your radio louder? If so, there probably is.


If you hear a rattling noise coming from the area of your exhaust, that’s a warning sign that your catalytic converter is failing. This is one of the most expensive components of an exhaust system; one that is attractive to thieves. If you notice rattling sounds, take your vehicle to get serviced!


Other noises that could suggest there is something wrong with your car exhaust is hissing or chugging. This could suggest there’s a leak in the exhaust.


Reduced Fuel Efficiency

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Feel like you’re spending a lot more time in the petrol station but not doing any more journeys in your car? Reduced fuel efficiency could be due to a number of different reasons but one of the most common issues it’s down to is a car exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks can make your engine run at a hotter temperature which therefore results in lower fuel efficiency.




An obvious sign that you have a leak is noticing fluid from underneath your car. Another warning sign is vibrations. If you notice vibrations from your accelerator or your steering wheel, there could be a leak in your exhaust. Not only could the issue cause you a problem but the vibrations can make you lose control of your driving. A larger leak could also make your vehicle judder.


If you noticed any of the above issues, or you’re still unsure whether there’s an issue with your car, get in touch with the team at NMT Garage Services to get your vehicle serviced. Fill out our contact form or give us a call on 01234 355 888.


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