Why Is It Important to Check When Your MOT Is Due?

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An up-to-date MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is essential when owning a car that is more than 3 years old. It’s a legal requirement for vehicles to have an annual MOT test once it gets to the age of 3. For the safety of both yourself and others on the road, you should always check when your MOT is due.


What Does an MOT Test Check?


An MOT test checks that any part of your vehicle that has a job to keep you or your passengers safe is fully functioning. An example of some of the components of your vehicle that will be checked are: lighting, signals, steering, tyres/wheels, brakes and seat belts. The list of components that are checked is much longer, but those are some of the most important aspects of the test. It will also test that the exhaust emissions are not excessive and are not going to negatively affect the environment.


Why Should You Check When Your MOT Is Due?


It’s a Legal Requirement


You should always check when your MOT is due as it is a legal requirement. If anything is faulty with your car, you could get pulled over by the police which could result in big fines or penalty points on your license. It costs no more than £54.85 to get an MOT test as this is the legal limit set by the government. It’s not expensive to have one; not having one could be very expensive.


Keep Yourself and Others Safe


An MOT test ensures that you and any passengers remain safe in your vehicle. It can also ensure that your vehicle is safe to be on the roads and isn’t going to be a risk to other drivers around you.


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