The Importance of Correct Tyre Pressure

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Do you know the correct tyre pressure for your car? If not, why not? Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is extremely important, for the wellbeing of both you and your vehicle! On average, your tyres will lose approximately 2 PSI of air every single month, and it’s so surprising how many people don’t pump them back up. Are you one of those people? If you are, keep reading to find out why you should maintain the correct tyre pressure.


First things first, you need to know what the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is. This can be found in various places such as:


• Manufacturer’s Handbook

• Vehicle Manual

• Sill of Driver’s Door

• Inside Fuel Tank Flap


Make sure you check what both your rear and front tyres should be as sometimes they can be different to each other. You may also have to adjust the tyre pressure if you’re vehicle is weighed down.


Why Maintain the Correct Tyre Pressure?


Fuel Efficient


Are you making a lot of trips to the fuel station? The chances are your tyres are under inflated. Underinflation can result in reduced fuel efficiency which therefore also results in more money being spent on fuel. By ensuring the tyre pressure is correct, your car will be much more fuel and cost efficient. Don’t believe the people that say over inflating them will make your car more fuel efficient as overinflation is very dangerous.


It’s Safer


Under inflated tyres result in an uneven contact with the road which can also affect your steering. In addition to this, your stopping distance will also increase. Then if we look on the other hand, over inflated tyres also result in poor braking distances due to less contact with the road. Both can also produce heavy wear on your tyres resulting in a shorter life span which will eventually cost you more by having to get them replaced.


Save Your Pennies


As we’ve mentioned in both of the above reasons, maintaining the correct tyre pressure is more cost efficient. Underinflation and overinflation both result in a shorter lifespan for your tyres meaning you’ll have to pay to get them replaced, and believe us, it’s a lot cheaper to maintain the correct tyre pressure than to keep replacing your tyres!


If you’re still unsure about tyre pressure, or you need work on your tyres, get in touch with the team at NMT Garage Services! Give us a call on 01234 355 888 or fill out our online contact form.


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