Are your Tyres Ready for the Rain?

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The time of year has finally come for the wet weather to start. We’ve moved away from the unusually hot summer and the cold is starting to set in. All seasons require their own car maintenance checks, and autumn and winter are a good time to consider your tyres. With the rain that comes at this time of year it’s important to keep an eye on your tyres, as the risks associated with poor tyres are worse in the rain. It’s essential autumn routine to get your tyres ready for the rain and this can be as simple as checking over your tyres at home to make sure they are roadworthy.

Check Tyres At Home

The majority of home tyre checks only take a minute or two, and only require you to have a quick look over your tyres and know what to look for. Tyres that are worn are dangerous in any kind of conditions, but worn tyres are especially dangerous in wet weather when good tread is vital for safe driving. If you go below the recommended tyre tread depth your stopping distance can be affected, even more so in the rain when skidding is a risk. Get your tyres ready for the rain by doing these simple, easy checks.

Tyre Tread Depth and Tyre Pressure

The two main checks you can easily do at home to get your tyres ready for the rain are a visual check on your tyre tread and your tyre pressure. A tyre tread depth needs to be 1.6mm around the entire wheel to be legal. You can measure this yourself at home and if you find your tyres don’t meet the minimum you can book yourself in at your local garage. Worn down tyres will need replacing by a mechanic.

Sometimes it’s obvious just from looking that your tyres are under-inflated. Even if your tyres look fine, tyre pressure can be checked and filled at most petrol stations and should be done in autumn either way, as tyres tend to lose air during the warmer summer months. Testing your tyres at the beginning of autumn can make sure your tyres are set up for the rain and winter weather. Check your handbook for the correct tyre pressure of your vehicle’s tyres and be aware if any tyres are constantly losing air quickly, as this could be due to a puncture.

Safety Comes First

The safety of yourself and others should be first and foremost in your mind when considering your tyres, but not everyone is a considerate driver. Luckily, the fine for vehicles with tyres worn past the legal limit is £2,500 per tyre, so those who think the cost of new tyres is more important than human lives will suffer financially in the end. With fines of up to £10,000 for worn tyres, it’s better to pay for replacement tyres if yours are worn down. Having proper, tyre tread depth will help improve your vehicle’s grip, and without the proper tyre tread depth your tyres won’t be able to distribute water properly. Having your tyres ready for the rain will make driving easier in the autumn and winter.

NMT Garage Services

Make sure to get your tyres ready for the rain and weather ahead. If you are concerned about the safety of your car this winter we can help. At NMT Garages, we understand the importance of maintaining the good condition of your tyres. To book yourself in or to find out more about our services, get in touch with the team at NMT Garage Services. You can fill out our online contact form or give us a call on 01234 355 888 and our highly skilled and professional mechanics can ensure you get the assistance you need.

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