What Does Routine Car Maintenance Consist Of?

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Statistically, roads are one of the most dangerous places on earth, so making sure your car is safe is essential. Even when going to buy a second hand car, knowing this simple checklist will help you make the right decision on whether to buy.


Last year, 186,000 people were injured on our roads last year, with the number of deaths increasing by 2 per cent from the year before. The importance of road safety has never been greater, so be sure to be thorough with these steps, and carry out all of these checks regularly.


The manual for your car is full of tips and tricks for car maintenance and is specific to your vehicle, so make sure you check that before you following these NMT Garage Services steps too.




The health of your tyres is the epitome of car maintenance. Knowing the specific tread depth and tyre pressure can eliminate a number of different risks and problems on the road. The legal minimum tread depth of any tyre is 1.6 millimeters, but when your wheels thin down to 3 millimeters it can start to affect braking and handling, so keep a watchful eye on this.


Your car manual or logbook should contain the specific tyre pressure for your car. You can check the tyre pressure either at a garage, but you can purchase a tyre pressure guage which allows you to monitor your tyres from home.




Ever wondered why your brakes suddenly start making that squeaking noise? They may be starting to wear away, and if there is any crunching noises then you should book your car in for a service. The rule of thumb for when to get your brakes serviced is if it has been 12 months or when you’ve driven 12,000 miles.


You may also wish to get your brakes checked if they are starting to pull away, start feeling spongy or if the brake pad has been worn down. These are all telltale signs of faulting brakes.




If your oil light comes on, don’t turn a blind eye. Oil is what allows the engine to function properly and regulates the heat under the bonnet. Put simply: oil is really important.


To check the oil, remove the dipstick and wipe away the excess. There will be two lines on the stick, and the oil mark should be between these two points. If your car is in need of oil, checking your manual or a simple google search should be able to tell you which type of oil your specific car needs.




We are all aware of the dangers of the road, but these risks are greatly increased when driving at night. Checking all your lights work on your car is quick and easy but makes all the difference. Get a family member or friend to help you check your brake lights, as well as checking all the indicators and reversing lights.


General Car Maintenance


Although these are not essential to ensuring your safety on the road, they are definitely noteworthy. Checking your washer fluid will allow you to wash your windscreen and back mirror, increasing your visibility and polishing up the overall appearance of your motor.


Also, check your gears and make sure they slip into place easily without any need for force or without any crunching. If these begin to stiffen, they made need to be seen by a mechanic in order for it to be sorted.


Car maintenance is often forgotten about, but for the safety of yourself and other road users, it is vitally important that you follow this checklist at least once a month to avoid any accidents.


If you have carried out all these routine car maintenance checks and notice any problems, get in touch with NMT Garage Services and book your car in to be seen by one of our experienced mechanics.

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