Warning Signs of 3 Common Car Problems

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No one wants to deal with their car breaking down; it’s disruptive, it’s costly, and at this time of year it’s cold! The best way to avoid your car breaking down is to spot car problems in advance and get them looked at before the car falls apart on you.


We’ve put together a list of 5 early warning signs for the most common car problems, so you know what to spot, how to spot it, and why you need to get help to avoid a costly calamity.


Warning Lights on Your Dash

Does this need explaining? Yes. We’re all guilty of seeing one of those terrifying little lights flick up on our dashboard… and then ignoring them. The thing is, and this may come as a shock, these are quite big warning signs of upcoming car problems. We’re not here to tell anyone off, but if you’re ignoring a warning light right now, especially if it’s a ‘Check Engine’ light, get someone to take a look at it before you’ve got a much clearer problem on your hands.


Your Car Revs Itself When Idle

You’re sat at traffic lights, you’re foot is firmly off the accelerator, your car is… revving? How is that possible? This is an early warning sign that there could be a problem with your engine and you should get it checked out ASAP. Essentially, it’s your car trying to keep the engine idling by revving itself – which shouldn’t happen and could be a car problem such as a vacuum leak or system malfunction.


The Car is Steering Itself

That little odd tug on the steering wheel that you have to push against to keep on track could just be the camber of the road, sure, but it can also be a warning sign that something is off with your steering. It’s a common warning sign to ignore as it’s explainable by other factors. However, your steering wheel tugging should be taken seriously. It may be as simple as you being low on steering fluid which is a simple fix! If it’s your alignment that is off though, you would be damaging your tires if you leave it too long.


Concerned about car problems? The best fix is to prevent anything from getting worse! Don’t put yourself at a risk of a breakdown. Learn warning signs of common car problems so you can jump on any issues before they get big.

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