Common Summer Car Problems

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Common Summer Car Problems

As the summer months are creeping up on us, summertime brings the opportunity to travel and enjoy many road trips and fun days out. However, with these exciting road trips there must come the responsibility of checking that your vehicle is in good tact and safe to drive. The summer months and long warm days can take a toll on your car and cause problems you are blissfully unaware of. With this, it is important that you are aware of the issues that may occur and how you can avoid them. Read through our guide on the most common summer car problems and see how to steer clear.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most common car problems that arise over the summer. There’s nothing worse than the thought of a hot and sweaty road trip with broken air conditioning. It is important to stay cool during these long journeys, opening the windows just isn’t the same as the refreshing breeze the AC can emit in your car. If your A/C is not as powerful as it once was or seems to be faulty, take a visit to a mechanic who can check the fuses and blower motor before you set off on your journey.


More often than not, we all forget to change the coolant levels in our cars. It is important to check the inside of your bonnet before you set off on a long journey as this, along with low water levels, can cause the vehicle to overheat, especially on a hot day. Staying on top of checking your coolant levels will help to minimise car problems and keep your car in good condition over the summer months.

Tyre Pressure

It is important to know that on hot days the heat can affect your tyre pressure; this is due to the hot temperatures increasing the temperature of the air inside the tyres. This causes tyres to expand due to the pressure and can, unfortunately, result in a tyre blow out. To avoid this, make sure that you are not pumping the maximum tyre pressure into the tyre before setting out on a long journey.

Hot car interior

One of the most dreaded and inevitable car problems that occur during the summer is your car interior becoming dangerously hot. Although there aren’t many ways to control the temperature around you, there are ways you can try and avoid your car from being unbearable to sit in and drive. The heat inside your vehicle can rise from 10 to 20 degrees more than the air outside. Purchasing solar-powered cooling ventilation; sunshade sets for the windows; car screen windshields and seat cooling cushions will help keep your car cool and shady on warm sunny days over the summer.


If you have any concerns about car problems, it is best to get the issue sorted out as soon as you can, right in time for summer. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please fill out one of our enquiry forms or give us a call today on 01234 355 888

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