Benefits of Choosing an Independent Car Repair Garage Over a Dealership

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Independent Car Repair Garage


Independent Car Repair Garage or a Dealership?

When things go wrong with our cars, it can cause a lot of inconvenience to our lives. You will want your issue to be dealt with as soon as possible and you will want your car in the hands of someone reliable, trustworthy and someone that won’t charge you a fortune. Whether your overdue a service, you have a warning light that flags up, or you’re after a new car, NMT Garage Services explain the benefits of taking your car into an independent car repair garage over a corporate dealership.

Here at NMT Garage Services, we are passionate about encouraging and promoting independent car repair garages and these are our reasons:

Supporting Your Local Business

Visiting a local, independent car repair garage is a great way to support your local business, which has many benefits within itself. More money will be put back into the economy (50% to be precise) in comparison to you going to a bigger dealership, where only 10% of that money will be put back into our economy. Going to a local company helps to generate or uphold jobs and encourage entrepreneurs.

The Pricing

Taking your car to an independent car repair garage would be a lot cheaper. Independent businesses are renowned for being a lot cheaper than taking your car to a bigger company. This could be helped by the fact that independent business owners and mechanics are more likely to reason and be open to offers, unlike a more corporate dealership.

Local and Trustworthy

Independent car repair garages have a lot of exposure for reviews, recommendations and ratings that you can easily differentiate from bigger companies. Choosing an independent garage makes the experience more personal and you tend to get better customer service in comparison to other car dealerships. NMT Garage Services pride ourselves in being a local independent business, located in the heart of Bedfordshire, putting everyone in easy-reach of access for those who live near and locally.

Friendlier Staff

If you were to choose an independent car garage for your maintenance needs, the service tends to be more bespoke, personal and generally more friendly than going to a corporate car repair garage. Main car dealerships tend to be busier, less personal and unlikely to give you as much personal attention.


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