3 Car Payments Every Vehicle Owner Should Prepare For

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No matter how well you look after your car, there are a few payments in every vehicle’s life that are just inevitable. Obviously, you’ll need to fork out every year on insurance, car tax, and an MOT, but other one-off payments become more likely to crop up as your car gets older.

Here, NMT Garage Services takes a look at three common car payments that every vehicle owner should be aware of. We’ll also explain why the work is necessary and do our best to provide an estimate of costs.


Brake pads

The brakes are, arguably, the most important part of your car. That’s a massive statement and has probably got mechanics up and down the country screaming at their screens, but once you’re moving you definitely need to be able to stop.

Brake pads protect the rotor, helping to evenly distribute the heat caused by braking friction. Without the pads, you run the risk of seriously damaging the rotor and, in turn, the whole braking system. If you’re particularly unlucky (or negligent), you could also damage the brake calipers – that is not only extremely dangerous, but replacing the calipers will likely set you back more than £400.

Braking less aggressively can help you to significantly delay any work on your brake pads, but replacing them isn’t generally too expensive. £150 per pad is a conservative estimate, although that could obviously vary significantly depending on the car you own. One thing’s for sure, new brake pads cost significantly less than an entire braking system … and you simply cannot put a price on your personal safety.



Ah, the cambelt. So easy to put off, and yet potentially so disastrous if left to its own devices. The cambelt is a crucial part of most cars’ internal workings, tasked with keeping everything in sync in the engine.

Unfortunately, cambelts do not last forever. They need to be replaced every so often, as undetected problems in that area can cause serious – and sometimes irreversible – damage to your engine. We would recommend that you have your cambelt checked annually, but every car is different. Some manufacturers would advise that the cambelt be changed every 40,000 miles, while others would put that figure at closer to 70,000.

Do your research to find out how frequently your car’s cambelt requires changing, as it’s worth it in the long run. The cost of replacement does vary case by case, but you won’t typically be looking at more than a three-figure bill. Compare that to the cost of a new engine, and it’s easy to see why paying attention to your cambelt is worth it in the long run.



It’s always better to be prepared for life’s inevitabilities, and your clutch wearing out is certain one of them. Just as cambelts don’t last forever, clutches need replacing every so often. Thankfully, the potential ramifications of missing a clutch change are not as disastrous as an unattended cambelt – presumably, though, you’d rather not break down and have the nasty shock of a hefty bill.

Being aware of your clutch’s state can help you to plan everything properly and avoid a messy few days. Planning can also save you money, as labour time should be reduced for a clutch that isn’t completely ruined. It’s quite easy to tell when your clutch is on the way out; a higher biting point, grinding noises, and difficulty when changing gears are all identifiable signs.

Typically, you’ll be looking at around £400-1,000 for a clutch replacement. It’s not a cheap job, but if you want your car to move then you’ll need a clutch!


NMT Garage Services

We could go on for pages and pages.There is a whole host of other necessary jobs that every car needs doing, so it’s absolutely essential that you have your vehicle serviced at least once a year. All mechanics worth their salt will be able to pick up on any problems your car has (or is likely to have in the immediate future), so taking the time to have your vehicle serviced will prove beneficial in both the short and the long run.

Car payments don’t have to spell panic, either. Garages will be happy to explain what’s going on with your vehicle, and an understanding of why certain jobs are required will help you see those pesky mechanics in a slightly better light!

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