Keeping your car running in the lockdown

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The virus lockdown can be a scary thought, jobs and businesses are going to be impacted massively.  And your social life will be limited to your household and anyone you pass 2 metres from. One thing that may not be on top of your list is your vehicle.  And don’t get us wrong, it shouldn’t be! But there are some things you need to do to keep it in tip-top shape so that after this crisis is over you can escape to those wide, open spaces.  

Now that (most likely) you won’t be completing your daily commute, your car may feel a bit lonely and unused.  But by following these steps you can keep it secure and in good working order.

How to keep your car running during lockdown:

Park it inside

If you have a garage or enclosed area, clearing out the plant pots, your childhood comic collection (that’s reading material for the lockdown sorted), and other detritus will allow you to lock away your car, protecting it from the elements, as well as opportunistic individuals. 

Tip: Also take the opportunity to clear any perishables from the car, no one wants mould being cultured for what could turn out to be a long time.

Fill her up

I know it sounds counter-productive when you won’t be using the car, but one of the issues with leaving a car for a long period of time is that the fuel tank can become rusted.  Filling it with fuel will help avoid this. Make sure the cap is tight to stop moisture entering the container.

Remove the Battery

Keeping the battery out of the car can make it last longer, and put some petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) on the connecting wires to prevent rust.

Check the Tyre Pressure

Make sure your tyres are fully inflated, having tires at the correct pressure can prevent flat spots and sidewall cracking.

Need Garage Services in Bedford?

When the lockdown ends, you may notice there is something not quite right with your vehicle, or you may even notice during.  Phone NMT Garage Services on 01234 355 888, or fill out our online enquiry form – whether you need new tires fitting or your MOT has run its course, we will be happy to help.


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