Car MOTs During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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The government has granted a 6-month exemption for car MOTs in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic. So people who are self-isolating, or are unable to find a garage open can wait for lockdown measures to be lifted before getting their new MOT.


Car MOT during the coronavirus lockdown

The exemption operates on a rolling basis; for example, if your MOT runs out in April, it is now due for renewal in October. This means that if you are at home comply with government advice and guidance during the lockdown period, or self-isolating, or suffering with symptoms then you do not need to worry about your MOT until this is over.


Car servicing

Garages have been classified as ‘essential’ businesses, which means that key workers’ vehicles can still have vital repairs carried out. If you are a key worker and need repair work, or car servicing, local garages, if they’re still open, will be able to provide this.


Can you go for a drive during lockdown?

Driving has not been banned during the lockdown, however, your car is only to be used for essential journeys’ such as trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, or to and from work if you are a key worker. Simply driving for pleasure is not advisable; if you breakdown then someone has to recover you, or if you have an accident you could be taken to hospital where the chances of infection are higher.


How can I stay safe when filling up my car?

Many of us will have noticed that the price of fuel has significantly decreased because of the coronavirus pandemic. For the time being, there are no plans to close petrol stations and they remain open. However, refuelling at a petrol station comes with high risk. 

The fuel pump handles have been identified as high-risk touchpoints. This means that customers using them have been advised to fill their car up using gloves. Then wash their hands thoroughly as soon as possible, and dispose of the gloves as they could carry bacteria and spread infection.


Contact NMT Garages

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