How to Check Tyres and When to Replace Tyres

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Tyres are so often overlooked, but they’re so important! If you’re driving on unsafe tyres, you could face a sizable penalty and points on your licence – this may seem harsh, but it’s because unsafe tyres can and often do cause very serious accidents.


At NMT Garage Services, we specialise in checking tyres and knowing when to replace tyres. To help you keep safe on the roads, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you know how to check tyres and how to decide when to replace tyres, too.


How to Check Tyres


There are three main elements for how to check tyres – you’re looking at the tyre pressure, the tyre tread, and the tyre condition.


- Tyre Pressure: Use your manufacturer’s guide to find out what pressure your tyres should be. Don’t be tempted to over-pump your tires though, as this can be as dangerous as low pressure, causing blow outs.


- Tyre Tread: The tread on a tyre is used to disperse water so that your tyre can grip the road in wet conditions, hence why it’s so important. Check the tire tread for signs of uneven wear on the patterns; check that the tread has a depth of at least 1.6mm; check for signs of dry rot which includes cracks in the tire.


- Tyre Condition: Check your tyres for uneven bulges, gashes, scrapes, and any other signs of damage – these could be indications that your tyre is no longer safe.


When to Replace Tyres


Tyre pressure being too low or high should not mean that you need to replace your tyres – simply take your car to an air pump at a petrol station and fill or release air until it is within your manufacturer’s guidelines.


Your tyre tread is a serious indication of when your tires need replacing. If your tread is too low, or even approaching that 1.6mm limit, NMT Garage Services would seriously recommend having your tyres replaced. If the tread is wearing unevenly, you may have a problem with your suspension, rotating your tyres may help however you should speak to an expert about what could be causing this and how best to fix it.


If your tyres are in a poor condition, make sure to take your car to an expert; they will be able to either fix your tyres for you or advise you that it is time to replace your tyres.


If you’re concerned about your tyres, or have checked your tyres and think it’s time to replace your tyres, simply visit the helpful staff at NMT Garage Services in Bedford or call us today on 01234 355 888 and we’ll let you know what’s best to do.

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